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Personalised communion favours: Hold a communion, personalise the decoration and guest gifts | My M&M's®

A different style for communion gifts with My M&M’s®

Birth Hearts They have just become teenagers, can't sit still and dream of something fun and new... Are your children celebrating their first communion? Make sure the event suits them, their taste and the colours they like! With My M&M’s®, have a change from the traditional sugared almond communion sweet. Our chocolate sweets can be turned into an original birth gift, but they can also transform into communion treats and are generally a great success. As they are rounder, sweeter and more chocolatey, M&M’s® are a favourite for teenagers celebrating their communion, and their parents!

Despite this being a serious occasion, you can still celebrate in a modern way, whilst respecting the holy rituals. Why not turn your personalised M&M’s® into communion treats? Tradition and modernity combine for even the pickiest of guests, kids included. Our sweets are real chameleons and can take on any colours with their range of 15 hues... or can brighten up the day with their vibrant tones! Entirely white for the most traditional, pastel colours for a more discrete touch, ocean blue, orange or lime green for the trendiest among you... Match these sweets to your decoration and surprise your guests!

Even better? Let the communion teens choose their own theme and decoration, and turn a personalised birth gift into a personalised communion gift. With My M&M’s®, chocolate can adapt to your every need, or to everyone else's needs... In just a few clicks, they can choose one or two colours and their own personalisation options. A photo of them of a "smiley" clipart, a heart of a balloon? Unless you opt for a tailor-made text, by adding a name, the date or a religious message on the sweets... Each to their own, as long as the memory lasts and everyone has fun!

Now all you need is to choose the packaging to integrate the sweets in the decor... Are you organising a sit-down communion meal? Opt for classic or stylish sweet boxes, to be placed behind each name plate. Or change things up with adorable glass jars filled with multicoloured beads, or even tubes that the kids will love! Have you chosen a buffet, where people don't have allocated seats? Place some empty bags next to bowls of sweets, which guests can dig into gleefully. Give your child a personalised gift set, which none of their friends will have got...

Organising a communion takes time and ideas. Make it simple by customising your communion treats online... Take a few minutes to choose your options and view the result to avoid any nasty last-minute surprises. Click, order and breathe! Making preparation work easier with our personalised, original and fun souvenirs: that is the role of My M&M’s®. The less time you take choosing your communion gifts, the more you can spend choosing outfits...which is another delicate topic to be discussed with your teens!

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