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Personalised birthday gifts My M&M's®

Find all the products, ballotin, gifts, favors, tubes and other containers personalised M&M's® personalisés

Forget any classic or boring ideas. With this personalised, sweet and colourful treat, your birthday gift becomes magical! Seduce adults, enchant children and get the party started with My M&M’s®. Just a few clicks will do the trick: personalise your favourite sweets with a photo, text or design. Include them in a custom-made gift box with a matching mug, the king or queen of the party will not believe their eyes! And why not make your table even livelier with some coloured sweets? Anise green, sky blue, happy pink or sunlight yellow: your coated chocolates can fit any decoration. Fill some bowls, design a table decoration or cover your cake with them: My M&M’s® is the perfect surprise for an unforgettable birthday!

Chocolate Birthday Products

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Slide 0: BAG 1.5 KG
Starting at 80,00 €
This practical, economy-size 1.5 kg bag of My M&M's® is perfect for presenting your personalised M&M's® in your own wrapping. 


32,00 €
A birthday or something to celebrate? Give an original gift with this colourful and fun gift box! The cut-out on the outside shows the clear, 400g gift box of personalised M&M’s® inside. The box slides open from the side. An original gift for an unforgettable celebration!


Slide 2: TUBE 43 G
Starting at 3,49 €
Offer an unforgettable gift to your guests with this tube, a must-have at all big events! With MyM&M's® in the colours that match your theme, this tube will add the perfect finishing touches to your table decorations. This transparent tube contains 43 g of MyM&M's® and can stand upright.
Slide 3: CHIC CASE 300 G
32,00 €
This elegant shiny box contains a 300 g bag with your message. It is the perfect gift format for offering personalised My M&M's®. 


Slide 4: HEARTS GIFT BOX 400 G
32,00 €
An original gift box that your special valentine is bound to fall head over heels with! Classy and on-trend, the box is adorned in cute little hearts in a variety of colours. The see-through hearts reveal the M&M's inside that you have personally dedicated to your significant other!
32,00 €
Surprise your friends and family with a personalised M&M's gift box! Whether for a particular occasion or just as a treat, use the large speech bubble to say hello, thank you or congratulations to a special someone. Say it with personalised M&M's - the surprise will definitely be a welcome one!


Slide 6: GIFT BOX 400 G
36,90 €
Give him a personalised gift box! The transparent bow on the box lets your M&M's and their message shine through. Whether it's a particular occasion or you just need a way to say “Thinking of You”, “Thanks” or “Congratulations” to someone special, personalised M&M's are the way to make that gift perfect!
Starting at 104,00 €
Make your table decoration yourself! Fill your small jars with M&M's® in colours that match your event. This small jar will be an unforgettable gift for your guests and will adorn your table to perfection. One jar can hold 67 g of personalised M&M's®. Set contains: 1,5 kg of customized M&M's® and 24 small jars (Material of the jar : transparent PS (polystyrene) / steel fastening, Dimensions: Diameter : 48 mm / Height : 83 mm). 


Slide 8: SWEET GIFT BOX 400 G
32,00 €
This flowered gift box is one way to show you care. The centre of the flower reveals the transparent box with 400g of personalised M&M’s®. A sweet flower for all occasions!
Slide 9: SMILE GIFT BOX 400G
32,00 €
The Smile gift box is the ideal gift for treating your loved ones on any occasion! This original gift box shows Yellow, one of M&M’s® mascots, holding an original and colourful gift. The 400g of personalised M&M’s® can be glimpsed through the packaging, which will make all chocolate lovers want to try them!
Slide 10: DESIGN CASE 28 G
Starting at 2,99 €
Present your My M&M's® in this refined design case containing 28 g customised M&M's®. This square ultra thin and transparent case will allow your My M&M's® to stand upright on a table thanks to a tab integrated on the back of the case. The gift that all your guests will remember! 


Slide 11: BAG 1.5 KG + 30 BALLS TO FILL AND 30 RIBBONS
Starting at 104,00 €
Impress your guests with a table decoration that really is you. Each ball can hold 50g of M&M’s. Each kit contains: 1.5 kg of personalised M&M’s, 30 transparent balls (material: polystyrène, Diameter: 60 mm) and 30 gold ribbons.
Slide 12: DESIGN BAG 40 G
Starting at 3,59 €
This modern and elegant translucent white arch will enhance your messages, providing an innovative, surprising addition to all your events, whether a wedding, christening or birthday. The perfect table decoration, it adds the touch of originality that you are looking for! 


Slide 13: SMALL BAG 40 G
Starting at 2,99 €
A 40 g individual bag of My M&M's® allows you to leave a souvenir for each of your guests or makes an original alternative to traditional invitation or Thank You cards.


Slide 14: BAG 1.5 KG + 100 PILLOW BOXES TO FILL
Starting at 100,00 €
Surprise your guests! Fill your pillow box with M & M's® personalised using the theme and colours of your event for a table decoration that reflects your personality. One pillow box holds 15 g of M & M's®. A kit contains: 1.5 kg personalised M&M's® and 100 pouches (€0.5/piece, material: transparent PS (polystyrene), Dimensions: Length: 80 mm / Width: 35 mm / Thickness: 13 mm).
29,95 €
Be original and pop this Red Candy Push dispenser on your table. Whether it's a birthday, a special night, a house-warming party or any other occasion, your decorations will be 100% fun and 100% you with this dispenser! If you want to treat someone or surprise your guests, don't forget to add personalised MyM&M’s® with your text, clipart or a photo on them! Fill the upper part of the dispenser and then press on it so the sweets drop into the cup. Children and adults will have great fun with this! The cup into which the My M&M’s® fall is removable so you can pass your M&M’s® around and share them with friends easily during your gatherings. Feel free to take a look at our presentation video to find out more about how to use the Candy Push dispenser! This red dispenser comes inside an elegant, transparent cone, revealing our old friend Red. It can hold up to 440g of MyM&M’s®. Its stylish design, high quality production and attractive and sturdy packaging make it a sure fire winner when it comes to surprising guests or giving as a gift. Format: 27 x 14cm Contents: 440g, or approx 440 M&M’s® Minimum quantity: 1 Product sold separately (without MyM&M's, to be ordered separately). Presentation suggestion