About M&M's®

History of My M&M's®

  • 2004: M&M's® launches My M&M's® at www.mymms.com. The new online service allows customers to print their own personalised message on the candy shell of 17 vibrant colours of M&M's® Milk Chocolate Candies.
  • 2006: M&M's® introduces Logos for Business which allows business customers to add corporate logos to their customised candies.
  • 2007: Personalised Packaging is available to customers who want a greater personalised experience with dispensers, favours, and promotional packs.
  • 2007: M&M’s launches My M&M’s® in Europe with France/Belgium/Holland/Luxembourg for B2C and B2B.
  • 2008: Launch of “FACES” initiative which allows customers to upload personal images to their personalised candies.
    Partnerships with MLB and NFL for team-licensed custom blends featuring team logos.
  • 2009: The Shimmer Collection debuts featuring three new colours for personalisation - Shimmer Platinum, Shimmer Golden, & Shimmer Pearl.
    Partnership with NBA for team-licensed custom blends featuring team logos.
    Partnership with Disney for property-licensed custom blends featuring Disney characters.
  • 2010: M&M’s® opened  new countries in Europe : Italia, Germany and Austria.
  • 2011: M&M’s® continue to expand his fun on United-Kingdom.
  • 2012: Launch of “FACES” in Europe.
  • 2013: Switzerland, Spain and Poland are now free to print their Faces/Text on a M&M’s®.
  • 2014: My M&M’s® are now available on 12 Countries around the World
  • 2015: M&M’s® decide to be consistent across the world and have a better match with customer expectation with a development of a new platform.