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When M&M’s join in your business's marketing

MyM&M’s publicity items for businesses

Thanks to the MyM&M’s programme, all businesses can now access publicity items that will impress their clients while enabling them to make huge savings.

Forget the usual products…

When M&M’s join in your business's marketingBusinesses rarely display much originality when it comes to choosing publicity items. Pens, key-rings or diaries are the typical kinds of items that pile up in companies' storerooms. They may be practical and classic, but they arouse little interest in the receiver which is a great shame for a publicity items.

… Choose something original

It is possible however to surprise clients in a positive way by offering them a publicity items that is original and inexpensive. M&M’s proves this. The online MyM&M’s website enables a business or a person to create their own M&M’s. While the shape is still the same - a delicious, rounded little sphere - the look is completely different.

Create your own M&M's

On the MyM&M’s platform you will discover a multitude of options, enabling you to define the image of your M&M’s. Choose their colour (either one colour or a combination of colours) then upload your company's logo or any other illustration that identifies your business.
Then choose the boxes your M&M’s will be presented in to give to your clients. These can be very elaborate or very subtle. The M&M's can also be put into simple, clear plastic cases.

Once you have registered your choice, you can order your customised M&M’s in a few seconds!