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Organise your wedding: Choosing a theme for your wedding: need some help?

My M&M's choose wedding theme Choosing a wedding theme is never easy. Overloaded with inspiration or advice... scared of not pleasing your guests... there are any number of problems that you might face when planning your wedding... Choosing a theme is nonetheless one of the most important steps. It creates a guiding, personal theme for the day and helps welcome your guests into another universe: your universe!

An unforgettable wedding with a theme that reflects your personality

PTo make your guests feel fully connected to the special day celebrating your union, choose a theme that's linked to your story: The town or country where you first met, the countries you've visited together, or, if you're a cinema fan, your favourite film, or why not one of your favourite styles of music?

The new trend is for green weddings focused on nature, the countryside or the forest, with guests arriving by bicycle, green and rustic decoration and idyllic settings (beaches, forest clearings, etc.)

My M&M's, your partner for creative and personal decoration

Whichever theme you choose, for it to make the strongest impression every detail of the decoration must be in keeping with its style! My M&M's enables you to personalise your chocolates and express your creative side with a wide range of options for guest gifts and table decoration. Personalise your M&M's to match your wedding theme, choose the pack that responds to your needs and let your imagination run wild: scatter your M&M's across the tables, fill your own containers, personalise your gift boxes or create your own style combinations for a wedding that reflects your tastes!

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