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What love gifts for your partner, use M&M’s to find it !

What love gifts for your partner?

What is as gentle and comforting as love? Chocolate! This sweet treat, as tasty as it is delicate, has become a major symbol of romantic relationships in Western civilisations. A box of chocolates for Valentine's Day, a lovely little box for a wedding anniversary... Chocolate is known to be a must-have gift for anyone wanting to declare their love.

Chocolate, the symbol of love

Valentine's Day Table Love

Though red is symbolically representative of passionate love, chocolate is a synonym of the feelings shared between two people. By giving a box of chocolates to your partner, you intend to arouse and satisfy their taste buds, by awakening their sweet tooth. Chocolate evokes exquisite pleasure within a couple. As a true ode to sensuality, chocolate can be given on many different occasions: Valentine's Day, a birthday, a wedding, a romantic evening, etc. Is it the perfect gift for reminding your partner how much you love them! Kind gestures made spontaneously are often those we remember the most!

Declare your love with chocolate

Find the perfect gift for the person you share your life with is not always easy. The more the years go by, the more your inspiration dwindles. From flowers to jewellery, clothes and weekend getaways... If you have already tried it all, here is an idea that could please you: personalised chocolates by My M&M's®! In addition to delighting your partner's sweet tooth, you can also include a personal message, directly printed onto the chocolate's face. How original! If you are not particularly into big love statements, you could also print a lovely photo of your couple. That can also be the perfect loving gesture!

Convey your love message

You will be in charge when creating your personal design on the My M&M's® online tool! Colours, texts, photos, clipart... You can choose how to customise your chocolates so they fit best with the personality of the one you wish to surprise or spoil. When imagining your My M&M's® sweets, think of the smile your partner will have on when they discover the message or photo printed on the chocolate! "I love you", "You are my soul mate", "My other half", etc. Use your imagination! For the most daring among you, why not try "Will you marry me? " ...

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